A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Control Your Life

Nolan Torok
Sep 29, 2022

When things are not adding up in your life, start subtracting.

Remember that:

- doing what you like is FREEDOM
- liking what you do is HAPPINESS

Happiness, therefore, is more subtraction rather than adding things in your life. Normalize getting rid of whatever lags you, weighs you down, and blurs your focus. Learn to lose one by one that do not bring you joy.

Life is too shot to keep on misery. Never forget that.

Here’s the simple cheat code for you:

1. Make an ELIMINATION plan for the next 10 days
2. Start SUBTRACTING that have nothing with your growth
3. Repeat and retake your joy and happiness back again

Nothing is worth if you are not happy. You do better when you feel better!

Start working on you, for you.




Nolan Torok

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