Change is PAIN | Change is HARD

Nolan Torok
2 min readJan 22, 2021

We were supposed to be HAPPY

Life is supposed to be FUN.

We were supposed to be HAPPY in it.

But things changed lately.

A lot.

Change is PAIN. Change is HARD. Change is LIFE.

Things that aren’t subject to change will DEGRADE.

Not plain. Not linearly. EXPONENTIALLY.

Slowly. And fastly.

Wanna feel the blessings in your life?

So be it then. CHANGE.

Don’t choose. PREFER.

Stand bold!

You are made up of billion CELLs.

Cells live and die every single second.

They prefer to keep you ALIVE.

Then so much RESISTANCE to change?

The matter is made up of a trillion ATOMs.

They undergo chemical | physical interactions.

Nuclear reactions | Chemical reactions | …

Each. Single. Second. For better nature.

For a better life. For a better YOU.

Wanna bring a change? CHANGE!

Don’t look around for that. It’s your LIFE.

Only Yours!

Be Wise.

Be Smart.

Make a 6-monthly PLAN.

Call it — The NEW of Me!

Make surprises. Life loves that.

The new of YOU in you will love that.

Show up every day. Every second.

Life is supposed to be FUN.

We were supposed to be HAPPY in it.

Tell me then, what’s the PROBLEM?

Is it you or YOU?…



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