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Nolan Torok
3 min readFeb 9, 2022
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The important thing isn’t the altitude, but the attitude.

We are already living 2022.

More than a month passed by and still most of us are in the process of trying to understand what the heck might happen in this year.

Ah, those expectations and fluffy dreams about the future.

Guess what? Life goes on.

A little bit older but a little bit wiser. And no one cares about things we will do in the next months.

But one thing is certain in this thing.

You can change your life forever!

With just a small click in your mind. Never underestimate the words that you tell to yourself!

Human mind is an amazing organ. It is the place for the biggest storage as well as personal development office within the body.

Simply to say, you can program and re-program whenever you want!

Then, why not to re-program/re-adjust/re-cover our minds? Well, it is not quiet simple as that.

You see, we humans are one of the most sophisticated beings. But also damn emotional and cannot let go what happened in the past, and certainly what might happen in the future.

Long Story Short

Nothing is destructive as being indecisive and ignoring your potential.

Here’s what you can try for the next time:

Try to see things from a different perspective in this year. Be teachable. Educate yourself regardless of your current age. We are all students of life itself.

In today’s post, I will shortly talk about growing your MIND and your possible INCOME.

Because growing your income is directly proportional to opening your mind to the next level financially.

A learning mind is an earning mind

Opportunities don’t exist. You create them. The reason why people start to lag in their later life is that they stop learning and educating themselves.

Find a way to start growing your mind. I like this formula: the growing mind is an earning mind.



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