Happiness is peace of MIND

Nolan Torok
2 min readJan 20, 2021

With the right amount of money, you can buy one

Have you ever observed your own happiness?

Things that make you happy?

Well, if not, next time carefully take notes.

Not all shiny things are GOLD.

There might things that can hurt you. Steal your happiness.

Our discussion topic for today is not just only state of MIND — Happiness.

Rather than we would like to understand where exactly our financial status might fit into that.

It’s fact that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Money buys you some TIME for your happiness.

But, hold on there. Then why most rich people are so damn happy?

They say that don’t envy the rich. Don’t hate them.

They say that RICH is just show off.

They say that you can become ONE in someday.

Is that so?

Human MIND is like a computer machine. What orders you give will be the outcomes of tomorrow.

Watch your thoughts carefully. They aren’t YOU. Yet.

If you want to be HAPPY and RICH at the same time, you need to act like RICH.



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