I am 33 And It’s Not Even Started

Nolan Torok
5 min readJan 7, 2019
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I am already 33.

It is super easy to say that number just in once. Honestly, I have never imagined myself the day when I will step into the 33rd chapter of my life book! But, it happened eventually. That day is already standing in the middle of my 30s.

How do I feel now? Though, I have never asked that to myself before. Since life is going on its way every day. And after a long time, I have turned my life into simply a one-day routine.

Well, I can’t believe that I have already closed these 33 chapters of my life book. As if I have just started listing these in yesterday’s evening time. How those chapters of mine passed away so fast!

And now, taking a deep breath, I hope that the next chapters will get into more well-organized, and self-promising format it has ever been. At some point, I started to mumble myself “hey, life is not actually bad”. Well, the bad news is that I have run out of those 33 life chapters of mine

Thirty-three is not a bad number actually. It is the sequence of integer numbers starting and finishing between 30 and 40. That’s how mathematically we have structured so far. Whenever I do the maths with such sequential counts, I literarily start to look again and examine learning cycles at a young age.

For instance, children are never getting bored with doing some failed performance multiple times. Because all they care at that moment of time is to master whatever they accomplish. And it’s nothing to do with the outcome of that performance; either to succeed or fail the next round.

Some age, others mature — Sean Connery

If you desperately listen to any motivated mathematician, you will end up with a feeling that any number sequence between the 30s & 40s is actually the preparatory digits for stepping into the next repeating phase: 50s & 60s…

When I list those 33 chapters of mine, all I know that I can’t exchange them with the untouched ones out there. And I can not even replace them with the new ones. That is the rule of life we are all living; breathing and passionately burning with daily “must-to-do” tasks that may be in the list of “list-to-do” in some other people.



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