The sky is NOT the limit

Nolan Torok
3 min readJan 23, 2022

Your mind is

Ian Stauffer on Unsplash
Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

You are not too old and it’s not too late.

Majority of people stop questioning everything as they get mature and start to accept the way of life come across. I mean we just accept things as they are and go on with our lives.

The thing is not questioning is killing us all the time.

Our abilities. Our potential. Our ambitions.

I have always admired the way in how kids progress. They literarily question everything. No matter how things make sense or not.

Just think about it. Who is in charge for sense-making decisions around us? None. People are too busy with their own lives. No one cares what you are up to.

In this regard, the limitations just only exist within us. In our mind.

Apparently, after more time, things simply start to appear as “static” around our world. That would be the beginning of self-induced limitations. Some sort of attachments.

Sadly, our limitations are not far away.

They are not external ones. They all within. Self-made, an illusionary process.

Remember that:

Your mind is your only limit.

You can be king or pawn in it.

How you treat yourself would give a reflection to an external world. You don’t want to be reflected as a loser, or some kind of freaky guy.

You have the potential to change everything.

And don’t get there (lonely mind) too long with your self-pity period. Self-pity is a silent killer. We know that than anyone else. Oh, yeah we do!

However, things may not work accordingly. You can’t heal in the same place you got sick. To change everything, you gotta change a simple thing. Eventually, small things end up the big ones.

You gotta change your strategy. You gotta make move.

Don’t be static. Be dynamic. Any slow progress is far better than no progress.

A most important one: don’t get old in your mind!

When the mind feels old, the body just gives up!



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